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Breakfast double serving of steelcut oatmeal with granola, blueberries, walnuts, and a little brown sugar. Former atlanta falcons tight end tony gonzalez has traded in a meat diet for a plantbased approach. As a vegan, it became too onerous to sustain the high protein intake he. From that point on, gonzalez has always had a book in his hand and. Too bad arian doesnt have a book yet to help advance the cause. After sitting next to a vegan on a plane it wasnt me, gonzalez has adopted a primarily vegan diet with some added fish. Join facebook to connect with tony gonzales and others you may know. The book describes his experiments in creating his new life style, and describes how it improved his already sterling record in the nfl.

Tony gonzalez is on a mission to spread his allnatural lifestyle. Heres a usa today article all about future nfl hall of famer tony gonzalez. If youre hesitant to start your athlete on a vegan diet or they simply love the occasional burgers too much, consider suggesting the 8020 plan that tony gonzalez uses 80 percent plantbased foods, and 20 percent animal protein that mostly comes from fish and chicken. Among the reported are mike tyson, tony gonzalez and mac danzig. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the allpro diet. Can your vegan athletes match their meateating competitors. Tony has his own vegetarian nutrition book called the allpro diet. Unlike tony, i never got to the point of 100% vegan. Tony gonzalez is on a mission to spread his allnatural. His devotion to training and his vegan diet helped tony gonzalez accomplish this physique. Lose fat, build muscle, and live like a champion is a book written by nfl probowl tight end tony gonzalez and registered dietician mitzi dulan. The allpro diet is full of practical information backed by scientific research. The vegan diet is not low in fats unless you want it to be. This new book, whole, answers that question with great clarity.

And looking at the photo of gonzalez, he looks on the small and thin side for an nfl lineman. Atlanta falcons tight end tony gonzalez was vegan for a few years but now eats seafood and chicken on occasion. If youre hesitant to start your athlete on a vegan diet or they simply love the occasional burgers too much, consider suggesting the 8020 plan that tony gonzalez. It wasnt until he was going into his third year in the nfl that the allpro tight end for the atlanta falcons really started cracking open books, and he says its the best thing that ever happened to him. Is a vegetarian diet or vegan diet actually healthy.

Check out the october issue of mens journal the rise of the power vegan diet the once food movement is taking hold in some surprising places. This book is for anyone who wants to improve their fitness, performance and health. Nfl star tony gonzalez new 80% veganish diet book the allpro diet. Tony gonzalez is a recordholding tight end for the atlanta falcons and appeared regularly as a celebrity judge on oprah winfreys abc primetime series the big give. Recently jon gruden mentioned that arian foster running back is a vegan. Future hall of fame tight end tony gonzalez has found that those changes are both positive and negative. When following a healthy vegan diet, you will find your energy is much higher.

At 6foot 5inches and 247lbs, tony gonzalez eats several thousand calories a day to maintain his size, his strength and his competitive edge. Lose fat, build muscle, and love like a champion and he also posed for the peta id rather go naked campaign with his wife to showcase his protest against wearing fur. But, anyone willing to put himself on the line with a bunch of football players and call himself a vegan is a star in my book. We have paved the way for 100% all natural products in the supplement market.

In his 16 nfl seasons, tight end, tony gonzalez has produced a hall of fame resume, with 1,154 catches,391 yards and 96 touchdowns. Going into my tenth year i read the book china study. He bought the book, and after reading the first 40. From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, all pro science is designed to support your quest for an allnatural, healthy, lifestyle. You have so much free time on your hands and you got to make use of it, said gonzalez, who admitted to squandering his spare time during. The tony gonzalez vegan experiment good looking loser before i tell you about tony gonzalez, i want to mention that he is a good guy and his intentions behind his switch to an allvegetarian and then later 100% vegan diet were noble. Tony gonzalez, atlanta falcons, 16year national football league player, recordsetting tight end.

The tight end for the kansas city chiefs is a big, big boy. Men leave their own mark on veganism the boston globe. Regardless, competing as a vegan in any sport presents challenges that carnivores dont face see sidebar on nfl tight end tony gonzalez experience with going vegan. The end of a 17year nfl career means a lot of changes. Tony gonzalez, 80% vegan nfl player all pro tony gonzolez and the kc chiefs nutritionist, mitzi dulan collaborated on the allpro diet. For years, gonzalez ate red meat, pizza, fast food, whatever was plentiful and convenient. So far, just a few vegans have infiltrated the elite levels of professional sports, such as kansas city chiefs tight end tony gonzalez, the former atlanta hawks guard salim stoudamire, and. Coach dick vermeil, superbowl xxxiv champion tony gonzalez, who is a premier world class athlete, is doing a public service that may be far more significant than he realizes, and he is doing so with enormously impressive courage.

Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. When the man recommended the china study as a must read, gonzalez devoured it. Having written two online novellas using the games farfuture galactic background, gonzalez made his novel debut with eve. For the majority of his career he has gorged himself on the standard football diet of steak. It used to be easy for moguls to flaunt their power. Tony gonzalez on retirement, staying healthy and the next. Lose fat, build muscle, and live like a champion kindle edition by gonzalez, tony, dulan, mitzi. Earlier in the year, a bout with bells palsy, a temporary facial paralysis, had focused his attention on health. Professional football player tony gonzalez has authored the allpro diet, which claims to help you gain the strength, stamina, and energy of a pro. Since being drafted in 1997 by the kansas city chiefs, the 65, 247 lb. He abandoned it after three or four weeks, saying the diet caused him to lose a little too much weight. Never too late to go vegan targets the most common issues that those over 50 may face with their ethical diet.

Like some other nfl players of late, the atlanta falcons tight end follows what nutritionists call an 8020 diet 80 percent plantbased food and 20 percent fish or chicken. Just look at his stats over the last 5 years and youll know its. The 2005 book by cornell professor and nutrition researcher t. Vegan nfl star tony gonzalez is out to answer a question. In 2009, gonzalez coauthored the book the allpro diet.

Going off the vegan diet is the only erratic part about going on and off a vegan diet because. But could an allstar national football league player, all 6foot, 5inches and 247 pounds of him, live on a vegan diet and still excel in one of the most. Tony gonzalez insists that his success on the football field is most closely tied with adopting vegan principles, according to not a complete vegan not even a complete vegetarian gonzalez still eats seafood and chicken occasionally, but has given red meat the permanent punt off his plate. That marks a huge break from the red meat menu of most nfl stars. Whether youre over 50 and are thinking of turning vegan, or have been vegan your whole lifethis book will be your goto handbook on ensuring you get the best care you deserve. Allpro falcons tight end tony gonzalez created the allpro diet and his.

Warren moon, nfl hall of fame quarterback anytime i can line up with tony gonzalez i appreciate the opportunity, whether it be on the football field, in this great book, or just as a person i have great respect for. A blog post in happy healthy long life describes how nfl tightend tony gonzalez started eating vegan and gained energy while playing football. Maybe more nfl players should try the tony gonzalez vegan diet. Or at least thats what the headlines are all shouting about. Tony gonzalez discusses vegan principles diet with usa today. The empyrean age 2008, vigorously deploying many stock sf devices including amnesia in its depiction of the brewing and waging of. Colin campbell claims people who eat mostly plants contract fewer deadly diseases than those who eat mostly animals. Athletes such as tresize and arian foster have proven that its possible to be an elite vegan power athlete. Gonzalez adopted a vegan diet back in early 2007, after learning on the devastated affects of. Tony is a special person and a special football player, so when he offers his approach to diet, exercise, and success listen. Eating vegan eliminates most of the unhealthy foods that tend to cause weight issues. He holds nfl records for most single season receptions and most touchdowns by a.

Nfl star tony gonzalez is out to answer a question. This is also the book that made american footballer, tony gonzalez, attempt to go vegan, but led to a decrease in performance and a return to carcass munching quotexjimxit annoys me when some people use this as a marketing tool for plantbased diets, as in vegan diets are optimal because theyre lower in protein. And, fellas, vegan men are less likely to suffer from impotence. Gonzalez has earned 14 pro bowls and became the first tight end to ever catch 1,000 passes. Top talent nfl, the business world and adventure sports are saying that going animal free not only works.

It seems that jackman isnt alone in his quest for an athletefriendly vegan lifestyle. Nfl football player, tony gonzalez, shows how he makes a juicy shake. Recently retired superstar tight end for the atlanta falcons, tony gonzales isnt necessarily a strict vegetarian. The firstever diet and fitness plan from an nfl player, this book will show you how to make simple lifestyle changes and. Often times, they find great success and personal satisfaction from it. If you have a football fan in your family or group of friends, tell them all about tony gonzalez s outstanding diet and maybe together we can bring even more people to a more compassionate lifestyle. Its come to my attention that all sorts of athletes have pursued vegan and vegetarian diets. The first 100% allnatural supplement brand founded in 2009, all pro science is one of the first, and only, lines of complete sports nutritional products on the market today.

Tony gonzalez and mitzi dulan are two of the best at what they do. Tony gonzalez nearvegan diet heres a usa today article all about future nfl hall of famer tony gonzalez. Concerned about his health, gonzolez changed his diet. The nonprofit plantpure communities works to build stronger, healthier and more sustainable neighborhoods through. He, like even myself at times, saw the disturbing peta videos and felt extremely guilty about eating animals. Us author and games designer working for ccp games in reykjavik, iceland, creators of the eve online 2003 multiplayer space sim game. The allpro diet provides a program that has been used by tony himself to increase stamina, gain strength and increase energy.

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