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Forms mandated in this instruction manual are listed in chapter a1, paragraph 9. Its new fourth edition, written by alice suter and edited by elliott berger, is a complete rewrite of its. The updated manual plus study guide are excellent resources for anyone involved in occupational hearing conservation. This publication summarizes the required component of oshas hearing conservation program for general industry. The purpose of this program is to protect personnel from hearing loss caused by. The last printing of the hearing conservation manual 5th edition is the culmination of an enormous team effort. The council for accreditation in occupational hearing conservation caohc has been a leader in providing standards for occupational hearing conservation programs since the first edition of its hearing conservation manual in 1978.

Navy medical department hearing conservation program procedures september 15, 2008 navy and marine corps public health center bureau of medicine and surgery navy and marine corps public health center technical manual nmcphc tm 6260. The recently published fifth edition of caohcs hearing conservation manual is the most complete and current information on occupational hearing. Council for accreditation in occupational hearing conservation 555 e. Practice of occupational medicine hearing conservation manual.

Hearing protection o employees need to ensure that they are in compliance with the sites hearing conservation program. Drills, saws, gasolinepowered equipment such as gravel sweepers, roof cutters, planers, rock. It will come as no great surprise to readers of the noise manual that exces sive exposure to noise causes hearing loss. Hearing conservation occupational safety and health. Hearing conservation manual, fourth edition audiology. Hearing conservation manual, 4th ed alice suter, phd on. This instruction is cleared for public release and is available electronically only via department of the navy issuances web site. The purpose of the hearing conservation program is. Oshas hearing conservation program is designed to protect workers with significant occupational noise exposures from hearing impairment even if they are subject to such noise exposures over their entire working lifetimes. Hearing conservation hearing conservation is a major issue in the construction industry and in roofing operations, as well. A wide variety of roofing equipment is capable of producing levels of noise that may be harmful. Byrne mining hearing loss prevention workshop june 2122, 2005. Program procedures, september 2008 n nmcphc technical manual 6290912, rev b, industrial hygiene.

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