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Project management as a practice is rapidly growing and spreading worldwide, and is now seen globally as a recognized and strategic competency, a career path and a subject for training and education. Pmbok resources pmbok study free study guide archimetric. To assist users of this document who may be familiar with its predecessor, we have summarized the major differences here. In order to succeed on the exam, you need to have a good understanding of these processes. Control resources new process added under monitoring and controlling process group. However, i still need to backfill the sections on projects, programs, the organization and ethics. The 47 project management process described in the pmbok guide can be organized. The columns at the top of the chart below show the process groups, while the rows show the knowledge areas. Processes may either be performed once, periodically based on needs or continuously throughout the project life cycle. This concept will be emphasized for the first time in sixth edition. Pmbok is a guide to project management body of knowledge.

If you are preparing for the pmp exam, it is very important for you to first, understand the 47 processes from pmbok and then memorize them all. Plot the 47 processes of pmbok 5, in 3 minutes flat. The pmbok guide deals with this view in chapter 3 and defines process groups as fol lows. For all those who are preparing for the pmp exam, one of the most difficult thing to memorize is the 47 processes spread across the 5 process groups in 10 knowledge areas. Mar 25, 2014 how to plot the 47 processes of pmbok 5, in 3 minutes flat. This video provides a useful technique to recreate the process table with the. Close procurements removed from 6th edition removed from close project phase. A pmp process chart is sometimes also called a cheat sheet or crib sheet. Processes 37 39 44 42 47 49 one significant change pmbok created project process map expanded project integration management all processes are verbnoun addition of project stakeholder management expanded. Pmp 47 processes chart inputs, outputs, toolstechniques.

The 47 pmbok processes made simple project management. Overview of project management according to pmbok guide 5th. It is important to know both the process group and knowledge area for each process. Study flashcards on pmp 47 processes definitions pmbok 5th ed. Now that you have your blank chart, lets go step by step and fill it in. One way to approach pmp study is to take one process at a time and study it across all of the study resources you have chosen pmbok, pmprepcast, pmesn blog notes, rita, headfirst but hopefully not more than 3, for the best returns on your investment of time, efforts, and money. The scope of the project to update the 1996 publication was to. A knowledge area represents a complete set of concepts, terms, and activities that make. As soon as i created my own 47 brain dump with memory tricks, it was much easier remembering the 47 processes. How to memorize the 49 processes from pmbok 6th edition in. How to plot the 47 processes in knowledge areaprocess. Processes are logically linked by the outputs from other processes. The main purpose and key benefits of all the 47 processes pmbok 5th edition submitted by rajuk on sat, 101920 16. Pmp blog there are 47 pmp processes in the pmbok 5th edition guide.

This makes sense as a project manager your primarily integrating all the other process together to deliver the project. Wagner maxsen, kaplannorton bsc certified graduate, pmp, prince2 practitioner, pmirmp graphic design. Were going to show you how you can memorize the chart found in 6th edition of the pmbok in under 30 minutes. It can substantially enhance and accelerate your learning curve. Process groups, group the 47 processes based on phase of the project life cycle. For example, we define the scope and develop the schedule. A caution though dont try to do this for too many processes at one time. This document supersedes pmis project management body of knowledge pmbok document that was published in 1987. Project management process groups and knowledge areas.

Did you know pmbok pdf is updated periodically by the volunteer community comprising of project management professionals from world over. Know the changes about process groups, knowledge areas and processes. Pmp pmbok 5th edition 47 processes by knowledge areasprocess groups. Furthermore, if you think that you have sharp memory, should should also memorize all or some of the inputs, outputs and toolstechniques of each process. Become a member of pmi and download the pmbok guide 5th edition and all other pmi standards. Overview of project management knowledge areas and project management processes 8 figure 12. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The 49 processes shown below form the skeleton or outline for the pmbok if you fully understand the 49 processes you are well on your way to passing your pmp or capm exam.

The 47 processes are separated into colors according to their respective knowledge areas. Pmbok guide 6th edition will gear towards more suggestive wording instead of. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so dont worry about it. Add new material reflecting the growth of the knowledge and practices in the field of project management by capturing those practices, tools, techniques. This means you are getting access to the world class, global best practices. The pmbok guide contains a deep explanation of all processes including. Learn visually detailed coverage of all pmp concepts sample questions 2. The pmbok framework consists of five process groups, ten knowledge areas and 47 project management pm processes. Product scope concept will also be emphasized for the firs t time. Integration knowledge area is the only knowledge area that has processes in each process group. Identify processes within knowledge area and process group learn with flashcards, games, and more for free. How to plot the 47 processes of pmbok 5, in 3 minutes flat. As it stands, all of the 47 processes have been summarized.

Pmp pmbok 5th edition 47 processes by knowledge areas. Pmbok mengembangkan aktivitas pada manajemen proyek dan dikelompokkan pada 9 sembilan knowledge area sebagai berikut project management institute, 2000, 39. For the price of a cup of coffee and a pastry, ill be glad to email you my 47 processes spreadsheet. Techniques and outputs that are not listed in this flow. A knowledge area represents a complete set of concepts, terms, and activities that make up a professional field, project management field, or area of specialization.

A guide to the project management body of knowledge. Download free pmp process chart for pmbok guide 6th. How to memorize 47 pmp processes with the 5 th edition out and people panicking already due to increase in processes from 42 to 47, i feel obliged to give some insight on how to memorize 47 pmp processes, and how to relate them to the correspondent process group, and knowledge area this is less of a cramming technique and. These processes are the things or activities we perform in project management. The main purpose and key benefits of all the 47 processes. Pmp training pmbok 5 project management47 processes. Pmbok 5 learning the 47 processes to pass the pmp for the price of a cup of coffee and a pastry, ill be glad to email you my 47 processes spreadsheet. There are five phases in the project lifecycle that include, initiating, planning, executing, monitoringcontrolling, and closing. Describing the differences and interactions between the 47 project management processes, knowledge areas, process groups and project. In this article, we summarize these 47 pmp processes for you so that you can remember them easily. The 47 project management processes identified in the pmbok guide are further grouped into ten separate. The whole pmbok guide content can be summarized into a few pages by using a cheat sheet.

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