The honda fit 2012 manual transmission fluid type

Now castrol has an atf they claim meets honda, toyota and several other makers specs, but it costs almost as much as the honda z1 atf. Get the best deals on automatic transmission parts for honda fit when. Mar 27, 2018 the honda fit is my favorite economy car. We noticed that there is a definite sort of clunk sound when the shifter goes to first, second, and third gears. The engine in your 2015 honda fit should be running when you perform a transmission fluid level check, otherwise it will be inaccurate. Mar 11, 2015 keep the transmission in your honda civic healthy by changing the fluid regularly. The honda atf is the only fluid that should be the honda brand. But a mechanic told me, after getting some of my atf with the stick, that is was not the type that had to be used in the hondas. Manual fluid changes are so infrequent and this unit probably only takes like 2 quarts. Honda s older transmissions such as the hondamatic and its successors use traditional, individual gears on parallel axes like a manual transmission, with each gear ratio engaged by a separate hydraulic clutch pack. What kind of transmission does the 2012 honda crv have. Remove the aluminium pan under the car, covering engine.

Continuing from the 2018 model, the 2019 honda fit still offers the choice of manual transmission to drivers. There are 6 each 14 turn, flat head screws and 2 each cross tip screws you need to remove to expose the oil filter and the oil drain plug. Vehicle specifications 2012 honda fit honda owners site. However, the manufacturer recommends the use of their mtf when changing the fluid. Honda manual transmission fluid mtf check the fluid level when the engine is at normal operating temperature. Honda fit manual transmission fluid change cost estimate. What is the recommended transmission fluid for honda fit. Changing the fluids in a civic is one of the more basic maintenance procedures because its easy to do without damaging anything. Genuine honda fluid 087989031 manual transmission fluid 1.

Asked in asian cars, transmission fluid, honda crv, 19952005 chevy. Honda civic how to change manual transmission fluid. Apr 24, 2018 you fail to state the critically important facts of whether the vehicle has a manual or cvt transmission, as well as the model year. Honda genuine transmission fluid is the correct fluid type. Marketed worldwide and manufactured at ten plants in eight countries, sales reached almost 5 million by mid20.

Atf dw1 automatic transmission hondas replaced z1 mtf all manual transmission hondas. This oil is similar to a 10w30 or 10w40 viscosity engine oil, and this oil can be substituted temporarily. Idemitsu atf type h plus automatic transmission fluid. Review the maintenance schedule and cost for a 2017 honda fit. Amsoil transmission fluids offer the best protection for your fit, even in the most severe driving conditions. The fluid level should be between the upper and lower marks. Specifically use this type or it will cause damage. The owners manual explains the various features and functions of your honda, offers operation tips and suggestions for vehicle care and maintenance, provides specific details on safety systems, and includes comprehensive technical specifications. Test drivers said the standard fivespeed manual transmission is fun to shift and makes the best use of the engines power. The transmission fluid is commonly ignored because many assume it will last forever. Recommended by honda for most honda manual transmission applications. Hondatransfluid honda transmission fluid bernardi parts. Ulev2 ultralowemission vehicle models as certified by the california air resources board carb. Engine oil is so far away from an ideal fluid for a synchronized manual transmission.

Idemitsu is the only global authorized supplier for dw1 transmission. If it is not, add honda manual transmission fluid mtf until it starts to run out of the hole. Diy manual transmission fluid change unofficial honda fit forums. He looked up my records there i lived in another state for the first 2 years that i owned the car and noted that the transmission fluid had not been changed since i started bringing my car to them. If honda mtf is not available, you may use an sae 10w30 or 10w40 viscosity motor oil with the api certification seal that says for gasoline engines. Automatic transmission parts for honda fit for sale ebay. All honda manual transaxles use the honda manual transmission fluid mtf as the original factory fill. Transmission fluid level check honda fit 20152019 2015. Do you really need to change the transmission fluid. Royal purple synchromax synthetic high performance manual transmission fluid. In reality, the fluid can break down with varying temperatures, become contaminated with water and dirt, or leak out slowly. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose.

In this video i explain the process of changing the transmission fluid on a 2007 or 2008 honda fit sport. Honda fit questions what transmission fluid is safe to use in my. Reduced friction helps keep tranmission sludge free. Put a new washer on the filler bolt, then reinstall the filler bolt and tighten it securely. Carefully feel inside the bolt hole with your fingers. How to change the manual transmission fluid on a 2008 or 2007. Genuine honda transmission fluid is formulated exactly for the honda transmission. Honda manual transmission fluid or sae 0 w20 or 5 w20 viscosity motor oil as a temporary measure. I did this yesterday on my 2012 manual transmission fit. I had already had the oil changed, so i called my service guy. You fail to state the critically important facts of whether the vehicle has a manual or cvt transmission, as well as the model year.

Im living in a country that i can not find the honda mtf oil for my s2000. Manual transmission honda manual transmission fluid mtf brakeclutch fluid honda heavy duty brake fluid dot 3 with this information you should be well equipped to service the 2012 honda fit. The transmission fluid change is very easy and the motor. The twist is that a young lady will do all of the work. Honda fit questions what transmission fluid is safe to use. Since you are obviously confused about the correct maintenance of your car, i strongly recommend that you consult.

Honda civic transmission fluid type and capacity 2001 2019. Vehicle specifications 2008 honda fit honda owners site. Vehicle specifications 2009 honda fit honda owners site. After checking the fluid level, replace the dipstick securely. Specially designed for hondas automatic and constant variable transmissions, the honda genuine transmission fluids offer protection against extreme temperatures, lubricate gears and bushings, and provide correct frictional response to. Engineered for and meets the requirements of honda automatic transmission with dw1 and z1 specifications. Advance auto parts has 4 different automatic transmission fluid for your vehicle, ready for shipping or instore pick up. Dexron iii, iid, iie semisynthetic transmission fluid. Test drivers said the standard fivespeed manual transmission is fun to shift and makes the best use of. Honda fit automatic transmission fluid advance auto parts.

Honda has been developed sophisticated transmissions through years and it is critical that you add the exact type of transmission fluid stipulated by your owners manual typically in the back of the manual in a section titled fluid capacities. Used honda fit with manual transmission for sale cargurus. The video above shows where the transmission fluid dipstick is located in your fit and how to check the transmission fluid level. New 20182019 honda models with manual transmission. Manual transmissions require more conventional gear oil rather than automatic transmission fluid and tend to be on a different maintenance schedule, so. What type of transmission fluid is safe to use for honda fit 2003. Atf type h plus automatic transmission fluid by idemitsu. Excellent mileage, acceleration, and comfort even with 4 adult passengers and ac on a highway trip. For full details such as dimensions, cargo capacity, suspension, colors, and brakes, click on a specific fit trim. Jul 28, 20 in this video, the engine oil and filter is replaced on a 2012 honda fit. Never, ever use anything but honda approved transmission fluid in a honda vehicle. When it comes to your honda fit, you want parts and products from only trusted brands.

I remember it was a little clear, or liquid, and with a light pink color included in a more dark background fluid. I have a manual transmission, so automatic transmission fluid isnt a concern. This service is typically done as part of a bigger, more expensive repair, so. Honda fitto, also marketed as the honda jazz, is a fivedoor bsegment supermini manufactured and marketed by honda since 2001 and now in its fourth generation. For pricing and orders on honda oem or amsoil in the. Check the fluid level when the engine is at normal operating temperature. Honda fit automatic transmission 2012, atf type h plus automatic transmission fluid, 1 quart by idemitsu. From time to time you need to change your honda fit transmission oil. Based on 2008 epa mileage estimates, reflecting new epa fuel economy methods beginning with 2008 models.

With oil change about 11 inches of 38 extension s cross tip screwdriver. My 2012 honda was running hard and using a lot of gas. Vehicle specifications 20 honda fit honda owners site. Using a properly formulated transmission fluid for your honda fit can protect your vehicle from costly problems down the road. When adding transmission fluid to your fit, be sure to add it slowly as the transmission fluid. Transmission oilfluid check american honda motor company. This design is also noteworthy because it preserves engine braking by eliminating a sprag between first and second gears. Genuine honda fluid 087989031 manual transmission fluid 1 quart. Order at fluid vehicle specific for your 2012 honda fit and pick it up in storemake your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Neglecting to change the transmission fluid can lead to serious transmission. If you do the transmission will never go back into gear unless the case is completely drained, and approved fluid is used.

The cost of this service or repair can vary by location. What kind of transmission does the 2012 honda crv have answers. In this video, the engine oil and filter is replaced on a 2012 honda fit. Advanced wear protection to reduce wear and increase service life.

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